of marketers have replaced or upgraded a part of their martech stack in the past 12 months (Wildfire)
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8 considerations for building your technology stack

This is a relatively simple step but one that you should consider before you start marketing.

If, for example, one of your goals is to generate appointments, then having a meeting calendar link will be a useful tool. Make sure you have one that's compatible with your CRM.

Or, if one of your tactics is to host Webinars, use a hosting platform that can be integrated with your CRM. That way you can  automate the collection of the attendees' contact information and generate webinar campaign reports.

Look at your marketing strategy and make sure you have all the marketing tools you'll need. Otherwise, the marketing team will find themselves  scrambling to find a tool at the last minute and your marketing budget may take an unexpected hit. Both of those scenarios can be avoided if everything is planned in advance.

In 2021
of marketers were expected to boost their usage of AI

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

—Albert Einstein

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