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8 Considerations for your Digital Marketing Plan

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a labor-intensive initiative and with Google's ever-changing algorithms, it will never actually be "done." But there are some aspects of SEO that should be considered at the very beginning.

SEO tools are used to improve a company's ranking  on search engine results pages (SERPs). The more SEO tactics that are implemented, the more successful it will be.

At a high-level, it's all dependent on having the right key words and using them in as many different places as possible, ranging from web page titles, headers and URLs to blogs, social media posts, landing pages, and more. It could even mean creating an entire campaign around the top key word phrases.

SEO should be considered a long-term, ongoing initiative but you have to identify what the right key words are early in the process, so they can be incorporated into your website and other marketing assets.

LinkedIn claims that retargeting ads can increase CTR by

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

—Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist

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